Our Covid-19 Policy
  • We’re here for you. Things are changing fast, but one thing stays the same: You and your families, our employees and their families’ health are our top priority.

    We are open 24/7 to provide full plumbing and heating services for our customers. We have implemented a ‘No Contact’ safety protocol during this time. During this time we are also offing Virtual Estimates.

    Please call direct: 1-250-589-8555

    Be safe, Victoria. This too shall pass!

Drain Cleaning

Are your drains slow-running or blocked? Let Rather Be Plumbing clear your drains & get your sink, shower, or sewer lines back to normal!

Standard Drain Cleaning

We can clear slow-running drains anywhere in your house or building. Minor blockages can be cleared quickly and easily by our skilled plumbers using the right equipment. Our drain cleaning services and tools include: Hydro jetting and pipe flushing, floor drain service and cleaning, rooter plumbing snake, as well as drain installation and replacement.

Drain Camera Inspection for $250

Rather Be Plumbing offers a Drain Camera Inspection for the low price of $250. Included in the price is the camera and one hour’s labour. This will reveal the exact cause of a clogged drain! Call Rather Be Plumbing today to inspect your sewer lines or perimeter drains! Let us investigate the cause of your blocked plumbing.

Get In Front Of The Problem!

You might not want to wait until a total blockage to call Rather Be Plumbing. If you remove minor clogs early, you'll prevent the buildup of more harmful debris. When your plumbing starts to work slowly - or not at all - call us. We're here to help, and will help you quickly! Blockages can be difficult to find without the right technology. Fortunately, Rather Be Plumbing has a wide array of scopes and cameras to locate the source of blockage. Our experienced plumbers are very effective with these tools. We can find and clear any blockages quickly and easily, and if you request it, we can also provide you with a report detailing what happened in your plumbing system.